Autumn Affections: Song Fishing

It’s beautiful and crisp outside today. Inside it’s a slow morning with hot coffee.

So much has happened since we last spoke (vacation in Oregon, Harvey, Tom Petty) that I don’t know where to begin.  Most of it made plenty of news so lets skip over big headlines and talk about the monthly songwriting challenge.

Miraculously, I’ve been keeping up with a new song each month. Even though it’s been difficult, having something to regularly work towards and also complete, is rewarding.

For instance, Tom Petty said to Randy Lewis during his final interview for the Los Angeles Times, “…If I don’t have a project going, I don’t feel like I’m connected to anything. …I like to get out of bed and have a purpose.”

fishing for songsPetty also said that songwriting like fishing, “…you just have to keep your pole in the water.”  His thoughts rang true for me and I recommend the full article. It’s a good read.

So far, the fish that have turned up each month have had personalities of sad folks going through hard times. These characters have been telling me stories of lost love and life gone astray.

The irony of this is that I’m as happy as ever! It’s amusing – the happier I get, the sadder the song. For example, “The Saddest Song” is October’s title.

Surely before long I’ll catch some cheerful fish.

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