Song Challenge Update

You may recall my challenge to write a new song each month this year and play it at the local open mic. Since June is the halfway point of the songwriting challenge, I thought to check in with you and let you know how things are going.

In your mind’s eye, you may be imagining the song challenge as sunshine and butterflies with a stream of lyrics flowing freely like a summer dress in a breeze of unrestrained melody.

That’s a good guess and I appreciate you giving me that much confidence! However, here’s how the song challenge looks like in my mind’s eye.

Joking aside, this exercise has been enjoyable. Some songs have turned out better than others, of course. But the frequency of turn over has become a big benefit, surprisingly. Instead of stagnating in the quest to make a single song perfect, I now create one and move on. Good enough is the new perfect. Plus, there’s a hidden bonus: each good-enough song has inadvertently opened a door for the next song to be better.  Though, the absolute best part is open mic. Others have joined the challenge. It is great fun to hear the monthly debut of songs and witness others create, grow and improve.

Thirty days is not a lot of time to take a song from concept to performance. So I haven’t been able to also prepare and post a recording each month. Hopefully soon I can get a few ready so you can follow along at home, too.

In the meantime, here’s the results starting with January as number one.

  1. Out on My Own
  2. When This is Over
  3. Love Intention
  4. Hey Darling
  5. In It for Love (aka The Spy Thriller)
  6. Pending title (I’ve got eight more days to decide on the name, ha)

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