Song: We’ve Got to Hold On

Tammy Wynette and George Jones singing togetherIf you’ve ever been through some trying times with someone you immediately know what’s behind this song. The beauty is, you know that without it being literally spelled out.

There is incredible emotion in the song, especially in the opening.

Yet, so delicately delivered. No yelling or crying even though you know that’s what was likely going on.

For me, the lesson in this song is to keep it simple. When I am trying to write songs, it’s hard to get away from compiling an essay relating the message. Remember Jodi, no need to outline bullet points for the listener. ha.

Tammy Wynette and George Jones with daughterOn another note, there are a several key changes in this song and it works brilliantly in a couple ways: 1) it is representative of the ups and downs of a relationship; 2) it keeps the song fresh musically for the duration; and 3) it serves a functional purpose to combine female and male vocals, which normally have very different ranges and keys. (There, I was able to fit bullet points in after all.)

This song is very powerful and so well done I could listen to it over and over.

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Artist / Musician / Band: Tammy Wynette and George Jones
Album / Song: We’re Gonna Hold On 
Genre: Country
From: George Jones (Saratoga, Texas), Tammy Wynette (Tremont, Mississippi)

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