DIY: Nikki Lane

Lately, I’ve been listening regularly to “The Steve Earle Show: Hardcore Troubadour Radio” on Sirius XM. He dedicated one of his recent episodes to The Outlaw Country Cruise and all songs were by the artists on that cruise. One of the tracks “You Can’t Talk to Me Like That” was by Nikki Lane.

I had previously heard of Nikki through her song “Right Time” which is very catchy. You may already know, her second album All or Nothin’ was produced by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys. Wikipedia says she met Dan at a flea market and that he allowed her to record the album at his studio, Easy Eye Sound Studio, for free.

However, what really grabbed me is this sentence: “…she broke up with a country musician, who left her to record an album in Alabama; this experience inspired her to begin writing country music songs.” What? How ironic! As you know, I’m a fan of DIY and it seems Nikki is too.

Of all Nikki’s videos, this is my very favorite. And, it’s not because of the lyrics. It’s because of the performance. Nikki can really sing live and it sounds like her records. Plus, this band is great! They really do the song justice. (Side note: Love the pedal steel – soo good.)

Nikki Lane “Man Up” live at the Artist Co-Op in Nashville, Tennessee (2014).

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Artist / Musician / Band: Nikki Lane
Song: Man Up
Album: All or Nothin’
Genre: Outlaw Country
From: Greenville, South Carolina
Website:, YouTube
Her fashion clothing store: High Class Hillbilly Facebook page, High Class Hillbilly website
Interview: Free People blog

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