February Song: When This Is Over

This year I decided not to make New Year’s resolutions. They only last about 7 days anyway. Still wanting to participate in the fresh excitement of bettering oneself, I thought instead to propose a challenge.

And that challenge is to write a new song each month and play it at the local open mic.

If a song I really like is called forth in this creative endeavor, then I’ll post it here so you can follow along at home.

“When This Is Over” is my February song and in keeping with the spirit this recording is a one shot, one mic, no mixing, no editing take. Just like open mic.

The album cover for my single song "When This Is Over" - Jodi Jenkins– More Info –

Artist / Musician: Jodi Jenkins
Song: When This Is Over
Album: Recorded as a single
All Rights Reserved. Copyright February 2017
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/jodijenkins/
Playlist of My Songs: soundcloud.com/jodijenkins/sets/mysongs

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