A Song about Thinkin: Dweller

Once on a seven-hour drive back home I realized towards the end of the trip that I had been thinking about the same things the whole way. In my mind, I’d been reworking scenarios and repeating the same thoughts over and over. I was dwelling on it and in the last 30 minutes of the ride this song was born from that realization.   (Click the photo or click here to listen)

The album cover for my single song "Dweller" - Jodi JenkinsIt’s been fun working on this song and focusing on music instead of dwelling on other things. My goal is to record a new song once a month because I want to and because creating music keeps me happy. Hope you enjoy the song, too.

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Artist / Musician: Jodi Jenkins
Song: Dweller
Album: Recorded as a single
All Rights Reserved. Copyright July 2015
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/jodijenkins/
Playlist of My Songs: soundcloud.com/jodijenkins/sets/mysongs


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