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Whitehorse bandWhat a surprise today to hear inspiring new music on the radio from a relatively new band that released a new album about three weeks ago. The band is Whitehorse, a duo. They have a song with an immediately catchy beat and bass line. Then, second to immediately, fantastic harmonies!

Gosh, I just hit play again to get that intro another time.

Now, it’s your turn. Don’t watch the video – just sit back, listen, and absorb “Baby What’s Wrong”.

The music seeps into you a bit, which is nice. I looked up the band to listen to other music by Whitehorse hoping it would be similar quality. To my surprise, it was. It seems there is a bit of rockabilly influence deep down, and possibly some Latin. Nice combination.

Next I found their interpretation of “I’m On Fire” originally written by Bruce Springsteen. I’m jealous because I love that song. However, I have to admit my favorite performance of the song is this one done by Bruce live. It must have been something to be there and witness Bruce’s performance in person! Finally, my favorite arrangement of  “I’m On Fire” is by Town Mountain.

Though, I digress. Whitehorse has a playlist on YouTube where you can sample all their music. And, they are currently on tour. If they stop near me, I’ll definitely catch their show.

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Artist / Musician / Band: Whitehorse, Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland
Song: Baby What’s Wrong
Album: Leave No Bridge Unburned, released by Six Shooter Records on 2/17/2015
Genre: acoustic/electric rock
From: Canada
Where to buy or purchase: Direct from their website


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