Music: Unique and Familiar

Fantastic Sam by Gap Dream came on SiriusXM radio while I was driving the other day. A new-to-me song, I liked it immediately. Why? It’s hard to say. Not overly complex or necessarily brilliant musically, it is catchy and easily identifiable.

I think music is generally better in the car on the road. There’s something about motion and sound, which is why dancing probably goes so well with lively beats. However, I still liked the song when played again at home. It survived the “sitting still” test. Ha!

Another good quality – it resembles probably about 10 different songs from different eras. Good songs, it seems, are familiar to you in some way even if the music is completely 100% original. We all like what’s comfortable to us. A real challenge with artists of any type is to create material that is both unique and familiar. In this sense, Fantastic Sam is a success.

Gap Dream - music– More Info –

Artist / Musician / Band: Gap Dream, Gabe Fulvimar
Song: Fantastic Sam
Genre: American psychedelic synthpop

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