Music: Serious Boredom with Patrick Carney

Tonight I heard the October version of “Serious Boredom with Patrick Carney” on Sirius XM. It was my first introduction to the show. But, according to Nashville Scene it has been airing for about three years. Maybe tonight the mood was right, but I loved the whole show! Some great music was played including a finale of the Latin Playboys.

It’s been a long time since I heard the Latin Playboys and it brought back some wonderful memories. In Austin at La Zona Rosa, I once saw the Latin Playboys live and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Their songs have such texture and variety. Each is incredibly unique. I wish they would have played all night long. Here is one of my favorites Manifold di Amour. However, each of their albums is an adventure. I highly recommend having a listen or two, or more.

Bassist Mike WattThis reminds me of another great show at La Zona Rosa, Mike Watt. He opened up for another band (I forget which one now). No one was there to see Mike Watt. The place was packed and the entire crowd was waiting on the headliner and talking loudly and paying no attention to this opening band that came on stage.

What was great about that show you ask? Amazingly, in about three songs the entire crowd was silent and spellbound. Mike Watt was performing with such energy it seemed he’d spontaneously combust at any second – every second – of each song until the end. It was incredible. I’ll never forget it. Not many bands can demand that kind of attention.

Immediately I went home to find out more about this bass player. The album I found: fIREHOSE Live Totem Pole EP. But, there’s lots you can find.

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Musicians / Band: Latin Playboys – David Hidalgo, Louie PĂ©rez, Mitchell Froom, Tchad Blake
Album: Dose
Genre: According to Wikipedia, critic Richie Unterberger described their music as “a twisted and avant-garde take on roots music. Latin Playboys draw from blues, border music, experimental studio trickery, and cinematic sound textures.”
From: Los Angeles

Musician: Mike Watt, bass and vocals
Bands: The Minutemen, Firehose and solo career
Genre: Punk
From: Virginia

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