Music: Blue Christmas Dueling Basses

Kate Davis upright bassBecause of the “All About That [Upright] Bass” cover by Kate Davis, I stumbled upon Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox. First, I can’t say enough great things about Kate’s singing and bass playing. She has incredible talent on the bass and excellent vocals. I am so jealous. Try watching the video only once. Thank you Alan for sharing it with me on Facebook.

Also, thank you to Roxane Assaf for writing the article “Kate Davis: All About That Bass but So Much More”. It was a pleasure to learn more about Kate and Scott Bradlee’s world of Postmodern Jukebox. Evidently, Scott Bradlee is the mastermind behind videos that match musicians and dancers to popular songs. I believe he also arranges the music. According to Scott’s websiteHe pursued Jazz Studies at the University of Hartford, then moved to New York to become a starving artist. He booked gigs, but as he puts it, “Jazz pianists are a dime a dozen in New York City.” So he moved to Astoria to save on rent and, in 2009, started making videos.

Scott Bradlee has incredible vision and I admire how he makes things happen. His website says it best, “Discovering talent and knowing what to do with it is fundamental to the business of music.”

Here’s my favorite video so far: “Blue Christmas – Dueling Basses” Elvis Cover ft. Kate Davis”. I love the dueling basses!! What a nice departure from all the usual Christmas music.

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The Band:
Kate Davis – upright bass and vocals
Adam Kubota – upright bass
Chip Thomas – drums
Scott Bradlee – piano
Postmodern Jukebox –
YouTube Channel –

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