Music: BB King at Sing Sing Prison

BB King at Sing Sing PrisonAs you know, BB King passed away this month. There are, I’m sure, numerous musical guitar tributes and memories being shared. I didn’t know BB King personally, of course, nor was I very familiar with his music. However, I am a big fan of powerful performances. And, one of the most powerful performances has to be BB King at Sing Sing Prison.

BB King at Sing Sing PrisonHis band and rhythm section are on top of it. BB King really gives his all to the concert. It’s stunning how much emotion and soul go into each song. A stark contrast to today’s performers, who deliver hollow songs without, it seems, enough life experience backing their music to move anyone emotionally.

Years ago, on youtube, I discovered footage of his performance at Sing Sing Prison in 1973. That exact video is not on youtube anymore, unfortunately. A different clip of the concert is included below.

BB King – How Blue Can you Get, live at Sing Sing Prison in 1973. (This clip has also since been removed from YouTube.)

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