First Impressions: Right About You

Here is my newest song to write and record. I think it’s the most fun of the three. It’s the most rock and roll. The song is about first impressions that give off red flags. Sometimes your first impression is right. This song is about, in hindsight, realizing you should have gone with your instinct instead of rationalizations.

Each song, while more fun than the last, has also been harder to make than the last. Perhaps that’s because as I gain more experience in the process of songwriting, recording, mixing, and mastering, I become more critical. What’s the quote? The more you learn, the more you realize how much you don’t know. I’m not afraid though, I’m looking forward to becoming even better yet at creating more original music.

The album cover for my single song "Right About You" - Jodi Jenkins– More Info –

Artist / Musician: Jodi Jenkins
Song: Right About You
Album: Recorded as a single
All Rights Reserved. Copyright November 2015
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