New Music: The Avett Brothers – Ain’t No Man

I once saw the Avett Brothers perform live in Dallas and it was lots of fun. Friends turned me on to the concert and the concert turned me on to the band. I’m always interested in new music and recently, I heard a new Avett Brothers song on the radio “Ain’t No Man”. Soon they are releasing their ninth album since 2013. (Just a second, let me do the math…ok, I’m bad at math – but that sounds like a lot of albums recorded per year to me.)

With this new song, it appears they are branching out from folk and moving closer to roots rock. I love anything with either, or both 1) killer rhythm 2) lots of low end and was immediately attracted to this song for the rhythm. It’s a fun song and it might just brighten your day like it did mine. Enjoy.

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Artist / Musician / Band: The Avett Brothers
Song: Ain’t No Man
Album: True Sadness
Genre: folk rock
From: Mount Pleasant, North Carolina

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