Jodi Jenkins music headshotThis website is meant to be a collection of thoughts on music, musicians and songs. You will also see topics on art, artists, creativity, innovation and perhaps entrepreneurship.

The total collection of posts on this website serve as a series. It is common practice in art to make a series. Though many may ask the question of Why Make Art in a Series?,  for me, the reason in both art and music is similar. It’s to fully understand the totality of a concept and experience its exploration. In music, the series is an album.

“The truth is that people have an easier time understanding, appreciating and being moved by what you’re up to when you make an effort to explain it to them in detail (through a unified body of works and from a variety of different perspectives)”

Occasionally I will post my own songs and music. And, over time, you will see how I develop as a musician and songwriter. That will be the fun of this website – the ability to gauge progress and look back over the ups and downs of exploration into music, creativity and expression.